Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Needles, Blackadder & melons

Very odd in that the pain I am currently experiencing due to illness transfered into my dream last night and briefly woke me up. I was at work with colleague Scott who was topless, not the usual attire for our job. 

He handed me a hypodermic needle and asked me to inject him into his stomach. I didn't even question this and plunged the needle into his skin. As soon as I did this I felt pain in my stomach, Scott laughed and said, "It hurts doesn't it". With this I woke and felt the real pain I've been experiencing. 

After getting back to sleep I next found myself at Becontree station on the London Undergrounds district line. I was standing by the ticket machine with my dad laying in a bed next to me. My dad looked very poorly as he had been in his last few years with us. It saddened me to see him this way. 

Standing in front of the ticket machine was Rowan Attkinson in character as Blackadder, he was spooning out seeds from a melon. Both my dad and myself looked on unimpressed. 

Lastly my Nan had bought a new house and wanted me to see it. It was in Spain and the only way into it was through a trap door in the tiled floor. I opened up the door and climbed in. It was a twist of tunnels that after a while, I found it impossible to navigate through them. 

I climbed out and told Nan that she had made a mistake and that there was no way she would ever get through the tunnels. I then noticed that the room where the trap had been was now a grocers shop selling fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Someone asked how much an iceberg lettuce was and my Nan said it was 88p, the couple asking left the shop thinking that too expensive. 

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