Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mind your rioting

Bit of a blast from the past in that I dreamt about a character from a 1970's comedy sit com. Not sure of his name in the programme but he played one of a group of foreign students attempting to learn English. It was called Mind your Language. It could be used today for diversity training, it was so stereotypical. 

The guy who was either Greek or Italian, I really couldn't tell, was throwing bricks at riot police. There was a high ranking female officer behind a plastic shield and the foreign guy was shouting at her and hurling missiles. 

I was then in a New York street with my wife and a small child. In a shop window there was a sign to go in and see horses. We all three stepped in and found it full of black men dressed like gang members. 

Immediately realising it wasn't as advertised, we walked through the shop and straight out of the back door. 
When we stepped out into the street we saw that we were now in the ghetto and surrounded by more gang members. 

I knew we were in deep trouble and this was a tourist trap. We started walking the dark street followed by an impending feeling of doom. 

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