Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mind controlled opera

Last night I was in a pub, sat at the bar with my wife and my dads old life long friend, Doyle. There were two male bartenders, the pub wasn't busy but I did notice Emma from work sat at a table on her own. 

Doyle was silent and uncharacteristicly didn't make a fuss when the barman took his drink before he had finished it. Instead he stood up and shuffled out of the bar. 

My wife and I followed Doyle to get him back into the pub but he kept on walking, my wife continued after him and I returned to the bar just as the other barman took our unfinished drinks. 

With this I started throwing glasses at them, smashing the optics and other bottles. Emma jumped up from her seat and joined in. 

Both of the barman raised their hands and intently glared at us. We immediately had no control over over bodies and were being controlled by the barman. They raised their arms higher and both Emma and I lifted off the ground and slid up the wall. 

Opera music began playing and we were being used as mind controlled puppets, singing along to the opera music and acting out the moves. 

I was able to control my eyes and watched in horror as Dave from work entered the bar and one of the barman pulled his nose off with a pair of pilers. 

Dave run around screaming with blood pouring from his face. As Emma and I continued to sing opera, the barman started moving towards us with pilers in their hands. 

I began to panic, my eyes frantically darting as I was about to lose my nose. Thankfully I woke at this point. 

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