Monday, 6 July 2015

London tunnel & threaded ears

I began my dream in London, it was dark and I walked a crowded street. Ahead of me I saw smoke coming out of a small hole in the floor. It wasn't big enough to get my foot in. 

I stopped above it and looked down to see it was a tunnel that contained people trapped in a fire. As I bent down to see, a man behind me nudged me and I fell into the hole. Despite not being big enough to, I was now in the tunnel. 

I started to push people out of the tunnel up and into the street. I bent myself out finally and everyone hailed me a hero for saving their lives. 

The last part of my dream I spent attempting to thread black cotton through someone's ear peircings. I took hours to do it but eventually I managed to have a thin thread right through the persons ears. 

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