Saturday, 11 July 2015

Jesse Pinkman V Eminem

I was in a very squalid looking room that just had a sofa in the middle and was surrounded by rubbish. Sat on the sofa was actor Aaron Paul in the character of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, next to to him was rapper Eminem. 

I was watching them chatting and generally they appeared to be getting on well, I had wondered at first that their personalities might clash but all seemed peaceful. 

After what seemed like ages of watching them Jesse put his arm around the shoulder of Eminem and pulled him in closer to him, smiling as he did so. He then thrust a knife into his chest and held it in him, Jesse looked straight at me and grinned. 

I tried to shout out but couldn't speak and Jesse pulled out the knife and Eminem dropped to the floor dead. A massive pool of blood spread out from his corpse across the floor. All I could think was 'Why?' I still was unable to speak. 

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