Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hose pipe & pants

Along with some guy I didn't know I was attempting to run a green garden hose pipe to a housing estate. The guy was driving ahead in a white van and I was walking and pulling the hose. 

I walked for miles ending up in the centre of the housing estate with the hose over my shoulder. Two women approached me and were very happy at getting a water supply. 

I looked further up the street and saw the white van, I apologied and continued walking. When I reached the van the guy told me that there was nowhere to connect the hose to. The other end that was miles away apparently wasn't connected either. 

I entered a house and saw a new born baby in a cot, it was crying and so I went into another room. The guy from the van was in there with two other men. All three were sat in their underpants. I dropped my trousers and sat there with them, all in our pants. 

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