Friday, 17 July 2015

Ginger abuse

I was walking up and down a large privet hedge that was immaculately cut square, it was slighy higher than my head, so I'd say it was around six feet high. I was unable to tell what was on the other side of the hedge. 

From out of a nearby house, two schoolboys appeared, I'd estimate them to have been around twelve years old. They approached me at the hedge and I noticed one of the lads had ginger hair. I picked his up and lifted him above my head and hurled him over the hedge. 

I climbed up and peered over the over side and saw the ginger lad had landed onto a metal drain cover. His head had hit it full on and he was poring blood. I looked back at the other boy who was shacking with fear, I said to him, "Don't worry, you're not ginger". 

Lastly I was in a huge workshop that was empty, I'd put the lights on to find that it contained big metal frames that were raised off the ground. On top of the frames were car jacks, all the same, blue and aligned. 

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