Thursday, 2 July 2015

German police

I was in a house that I didn't know, there were two young lads present and they didn't seem to be doing anything that I could see. 

Suddenly the front door burst open and a former work colleague called Tony entered the house. He approached the two lads and placed them both in handcuffs and told them they were arrested. 

Tony then opened the front door and loudly whistled, a crack squad of German armed police stormed into the room and pointed their guns at the lads, who immediately started crying. Tony walked out the house laughing. 

I followed Tony outside who was still laughing, he rushed back into the house and I again followed him. 
The mother of the two lads was there and she had smashed up a model aeroplane belonging to them. 

Tony pointed out that the model was very rare and was worth, before she smashed it, £100,000.  The woman began to cry, Tony laughed. 

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