Friday, 24 July 2015

Free bacon

I was working as a doorman in a city centre establishment. It was the early hours of the morning and I was cold and tired. As it started to get light a big fight broke out nearby but I chose to ignore it, I looked over after it had finished and saw that two traffic bollards had been flattened as a result of the fracas. 

Then my dad approached me saying he was going to the cafe for a cooked breakfast, I abandoned my post and followed him into the cafe. He sat at a long table with lots of other workmen and started tucking into a fried breakfast. I joined the queue to buy something, I decided before reaching the front, I'd have a bacon sandwich. 

Ahead of me being served was a woman who just wouldn't take her food and go, instead talking to the person serving and holding everyone up. The person serving was Billy from work and he looked very annoyingly at the woman, who eventually left after Bilły shouted at her, "Will you just go!"

I put my hand in my pockets to pay for my sandwich but Billy insisted that he would pay and that I should go and sit down. I thanked him and went to look for my dad. When I got to the table, my dad just stood up and walked out without speaking to me. 

Lastly I was in a room and saw a man peer around the corner at he and then disappear when I caught sight of him. I ran after him but every turn I took he seemed to be ahead of me and out of my sight. I eventually reached a huge glass window that was about ten feet high. 

The window was smashed and looked down to a street, when I peered down I could see a man's body laying dead below. A female sat on a sofa in the room I was in was crying. She sobbed and told me that he ran straight into the window. Oops. 

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