Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dead man

I had approached a car and immediately noticed it was a left hand drive, thus I made the assumption that I was in America or the occupants were American. Either way, some Americans were somehow involved, my assumptions being correct when I saw the people sat in the front. In my mind they looked American. 

The male, at the steering wheel was slumped with his head forwards, he looked drained of colour and I decided that he was dead. The female in the passenger seat however looked as if she was sleeping. 
As I got closer to the passenger window, the female did indeed wake up. 

She looked over at her husband and hugged him looking rather sad. I asked if he was ok and she told me he had died and she was waiting for an undertaker to arrive. I asked how long she had waiting and was informed it had been four days. She spoke in an American accent. 

With this the woman fell back to sleep still hugging her deceased husband. 

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