Monday, 13 July 2015

Bike fight

I was at a service station that had a McDonalds restaurant in it, I was outside drinking a coffee when I saw two lads on push bikes. They had school uniforms on and we're heading towards me. 

They approached me and told me that there were other boys fighting at the entrance to the service station. I thought about going to look but decided I didn't want to get involved. The lads rode off towards the entrance. 

I kept watching them and saw them wait there until a few other lads appeared. The two cycle boys then started punching the other lads. With this I started running towards them wanting to stop them. 

As I reached them, the two boys cycled off laughing at me. I tried to catch them but they were just ahead of me and out of reach. The more they laughed at me the more irate I became. 


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