Thursday, 16 July 2015


I began by creeping into the garden of a work colleague called Bob. He was asleep in his conservatory with his wife that looked out into a large garden. I wasn't alone, but couldnt see who I was with, they were faceless figures. It was early morning. 

As I heard Bob snoring very loudly, I was confident that I was able to move closer to the house. I moved to a pine tree and started digging it up, I moved it laughing as replanted it in a different part of the garden. 

Just as I tip toed out of the garden, Bob woke up and shouted out, "Who's that in my garden?!"  I ran away with my faceless companions laughing as we went. 

I was then in my nan's back garden in the middle of the night, my car was parked in the middle of the lawn and had a cover over it. I noticed something moving under the cover and lifted the bottom of it to have a look. 

As I lifted the corner up an armadillo ran out and headed at speed towards the house. I ran after it shouting out to warn my wife to get all the animals in. When I entered the kitchen the armadillo was running in circles on the floor. 

My told me the dogs and cats were out of the way, I bent down and picked up a large fury mouse like creature and said, "What about this?"  My wife repiled, "That's not ours". 

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