Saturday, 13 June 2015

Zammo to Bodie

There was me thinking I was dreaming less and then I had the following dream. 

I was walking towards my mums house, it was dark and the floor was covered in snow. It had turned to ice after becoming slush and then re freezing again. 

As I walked along I saw a female ahead of me with a young girl ahead of her. I noticed that I was dressed in a school blazer and black trousers. Not only that, I appeared to be Zammo from the original Grange Hill TV series. 

The woman got into a car and I couldn't see her face and tried to get a glimpse of her. As I approached the car I realised that she wouldn't be very impressed by a schoolboy, especially one with a drug habit. 

I turned away and transformed in Bodie from The Professionals, complete with huge shirt collar and 1970's leather jacket. I leaned into the car window and switched on my best charm. 

The last part, which was rudely interrupted by my alarm, I'm not going into. But safe to say that my charm certainly worked. 

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