Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Superhero swimmers

I was in a swimming pool, it was indoors and was very long but not wide at all. I was in my wife's dressing gown and stood in the pool up to my waist. 

Thinking I had the pool to myself I fell asleep, happy and content at the warm feeling from the water around me. I opened one eye as I heard voices. 

When I looked there was a line of people walking around the edge of the pool. Everyone of them was dressed as a superhero. There were Spidermen, Supermen and Wonder women. 

Unhappy at my peace being shattered I got out of the water and left the room. I found myself in a room where a wedding reception was being held. There was a huge round table in the centre of the room piled high with cakes and sweets. 

As I went grab a slice of my favourite fruit cake, a guy barged into me and grabbed the lot with both hands. He ran off laughing. 

I then woke up in the shower with water flowing over my head. I stepped out and realised I was fully dressed. When I went to take off my wet clothing, I saw that I was in one of my wife's dresses. 

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