Friday, 5 June 2015

Slim spitter

I was standing next to rap master, Eminem who had a microphone in his hand. He began to rap into the mic but was getting so passionate and into it, he was spitting. The spit was flying everywhere and hit me in the face. 

I tried to walk away but he followed me around emphasising every word with venom causing more spit to fly into my face. I wasn't happy. 

I was next walking along a sea front when my younger sister started to approach me, I didn't look at her as I thought she wasn't going to talk to me but she handed me a plastic Costa coffee cup. 
I took it, it was half full of black coffee. I then dropped it on the floor. 

Annoyed at my clumsiness, I picked it up and not a drop was spilt. There was no lid on the cup and I have no idea why the contents didn't come out. 

I've dreampt of Eminem lots of time now, odd. 

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