Sunday, 21 June 2015

Shot put & murder

I was walking in a sports field and noticed that my left wrist was horribly deformed, it had a massive lump and was twisted out of shape. As I walked along a white painted line, I saw someone through a shot put. 

I grabbed a shot in my right hand, took up the correct position and hurled it with the energy I could muster. It went further than everyone else and I was pronounced World campion. I was really impressed that I was the best in the World until I was informed that I was the best disabled shot putter. 

Lastly I was along with three other men, going into a hospital to kill nurses. We had all dressed as female nurses to gain access unnoticed and had each picked a victim. I held the hand of an elderly nurse and led her towards a toilet door. 

Unbeknown to me the nurse was actually already dead having been previously murdered in the very toilet I was taking her to. As we approached the door, she froze and started shouting, "Murderer!!!!" With the unwanted attention I turned and fled the hospital. 

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