Thursday, 25 June 2015

Severed me

A slightly odd dream last night. I was walking along the street and up ahead of me on the floor I noticed what looked like a dead body. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was the naked upper torso of a man, the arms and head were still attached to the body but the legs were missing. 

Severed from the waist, the entrails, veins and blood vessels hung from the torso. When I looked at the body closer, I saw that it was actually me, I was very dead. So there I stood, over my legless dead body in the street pondering what to do. 

I picked up my torso, attached the severed end its waist to my waist, so that the corpse was horizontal and started to walk. As I made my way along the street, I held onto the corpse around its waist and it then came to life. 

The servered version of me began to wave its arms in the air and was making eerie moaning sounds. I broke into a run and headed at people scaring them like a grotesque Siamese twin from a very weird horror movie. 

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