Sunday, 28 June 2015

Musical football

I had attended a large concert hall with my wife to watch a musical, no idea what it was about and we sat in our seats in anticipation. I went to get us some food and found myself walking along dark corridors where women were cooking on industrial sized ovens. 

I returned to my wife unsuccessful in locating any food and found that we were now in the middle of a football pitch. A whistle blew and a game started around us, we sat in our seats in the centre circle and the match went on around us. Every now and again I was able to flick my foot out and kick the ball when it was close. 

Next I was in some kind of yard and had found a huge church bell on the floor and could see that it was once connected to a frame that hung from a stable door. I set about attempting to re mount the bell when my boss from work appeared. 
He asked me what I was doing and I explained that I required a few parts in order to repair the bell. He went off to get some money for me after agreeing to fund the work. 

When he returned he told me that the bell was once called the Wiveton Bell and handed me £5.25 and a lottery ticket. He said if the ticket won I'd have lots of cash for repairs. 

The Wiveton Bell is a pub in Wiveton, Norfolk. I can highly recommend it. 

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