Saturday, 20 June 2015

Leather Land Rover & duels

I was in a massive warehouse with my wife and suspended from the ceiling like an aeroplane in a museum, were two Land Rover style jeeps. One was normal size but made completely from black leather and the other was as if it was child toy car size. 

They hung side by side and my wife instructed me to climb up into the larger vehicle and take the hand brake off. I protested that it wouldn't do anything but she was very insistent. I climbed up high, hanging from the rafters and dropping into the leather jeep. I released the handbrake, nothing happened. 

I was next walking ahead of my wife as she rode a horse through a city street. It afforded us many a strange look but we continued as if it was an everyday occurrence. 

Lastly I was in a field outside of two caravans, there was a woman sat on a chair that I didn't know. I was informed by the female that I was about to take part in a duel using old fashioned pistols. The pistols required charging with gunpowder and I'd only get the one shot. 
I asked where my opponent was and was informed that he was in one of the caravans, preparing his gun.

I then started to think that if I had a sniper plotted up with a high powered rifle, I could get him to fire when I shoot my gun and kill him with a bullet to the head. I even thought that the bullet would pass straight through his skull thus covering up my cheating. 
I woke before putting my plan into action.  

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