Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jazz Bishop

Sat in a semi circle around my mums living room was a group of jazz singers. Led by a Bishop in a full purple robe, they were playing various instruments and singing. Not being the greatest fan of jazz music, I pretended to enjoy it by clapping, so to not upset the Bishop. 

When they stopped I applauded them and a woman unfolded a letter she had in her hand and announced it was a reading that I had written. She began to speak but it was poorly written and I began to feel very embarrassed that I was being highlighted for my poor gramma. 

The woman stopped reading and ushered me over to her. I went over and she put her mouth to my ear and started to rub my arm. She said, "This really is rubbish my dear". I felt even worse and tried to walk away but she gripped my arm preventing me from leaving. 

The feeling of shame and awkwardness was overwhelming and I just wanted the ground to swallow me up but I couldn't escape. 

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