Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dead babies & Smarties ice cream

Along with my wife we had entered a small apartment and discovered a female and a baby. Both were dead and looked like they had been for some time. I covered the baby over with a blanket and then it suddenly flew up into the air and the baby landed on the floor. It had come back to life. 

My wife handed the baby to me told me to take care of it while she stayed and waited for the parent of the dead woman to arrive. I left the appartment carrying the baby and it was laughing and very happy. 
I arrived at my place of work, which was a large cellar. I put the baby in a corner somewhere and forgot about it. 

I had arrived at lunch time and queued at the canteen. When I got to the front the choice for lunch was ice cream sprinkled with Smarties or ice cream on its own. Tha was a no brainier and I piled up my bowl with Smarties. I sat down to eat and felt someone behind me pushing my chair. 

Whén I looked it was Sonia from work, she said she couldn't get past and asked me to move my chair. I stood up so that she could get by, but before I could move my chair, Sonia walked past laughing, "Only joking, just wanted you to get up". When I sat down my bowl of Smarties ice cream had vanished! 

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