Monday, 29 June 2015


I was hiding in carpark to a large warehouse type building, watching the entrance door. The area around the building was deserted and I was well hidden in a bush. The door opened and a lone female exited the building, I watched her cross the empty carpark. 

When I was sure no one was around I ran at speed, approaching her from behind sliently. I pounced and knocked her to the floor, before she could react I held a knife to her throat. The woman remained perfectly still with fear as the cold blade touched her skin. I then heard someone shout, "Cut! That's a wrap". 
We both stood up and smiled happy that the scene of the film we were making had gone well. 

I was next walking along an extremely narrow footpath that had woods to one side and wire fence on the other. There was barely enough room to pass and I had to turn sideways in some parts to get through. It was night and very dark. 

I was ankle deep in dried leaves too and these were making it hard to walk. I decided that the best way to clear them would be to set fire to them which I did. I instantly regretted this decision as the flames lapped up around me and spread at a ferocious rate. 

I started to run to escape my foolish mistake and the flames seemed to be chasing me. At I got further along the footpath I came across wooden boards that were leaning against the trees. I had to pull them out with me to be able to get through the gap. I woke before I either escaped or was burnt alive. 

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