Sunday, 7 June 2015

Cup holders extraordinaire

I was in a train and it was night time, the only other people on board with me, were my neighbour Bill and friend Lee Ann. We each had an individual seat, not dissimilar to those bed seats you get on a first class air flight. 

I opened a compartment and and electronic cup holder glided out, I then watched as a cup dropped into it and started filling with fresh coffee. This was fantastic and if this wasn't enough, another compartment opened and produced chocolate biscuits. 

I looked up wanting to show my travelling companions, but they had vanished. I realised I needed the toilet and so got up to locate the lavatory. I reached a door but it had no handle, I looked over the whole door and frame but couldn't see anything. 

Then a red laser beem scanned my eye and the door glided open into the wall. Stepping inside I saw a very plushly decorated toilet. I stood about to pee and woke up actually needing to pee.
One day I'll wet myself I'm sure, maybe as I get older and lose control a bit. That's a cheery thought!  

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