Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Chair man

I had found a man walking on the street and decided that he was mad. I had absolutely no grounds to support this as he was behaving perfectly normally. I ushered the man into a hospital and presented him to the nursing staff. 

I was called into a back office by a nurse who wanted me to explain why I'd bought this poor man into the hospital. I could only go with a gut feeling and was failing to convince the nurse. As I was attempting to further my reasoning, the nurse pointed out that I was totally nude, I looked down at myself and confirmed that I was butt naked. 

I went back out to the man who was happily chatting to other people and was about to leave when he transformed into a folding wooden chair before my eyes. I rushed back to the nurse and bought her out to see. She, surprisingly was now happy that the man was mad due to his ability to change into an item of furniture. 

I walked out of the hospital with a huge beaming smile, happy that I was right all along. I was still completely naked. 

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