Monday, 1 June 2015

BMW hater

Seem to have a car theme going on, because once again I was at a car sales showroom, this time looking to buy. I was at my local dealer and had spotted a Ford Fiesta that I wanted, it had no wheels and a door missing but the salesman said if I came back later it would be all sorted. 

I did return, only to find the car in the same condition as when I'd last seen it. I questioned this with the salesman who said that he didn't think I was coming back so didn't bother fixing it. He then told me he had a BMW I could have. 

I declined saying that there was no way I could ever have one as I am a BMW hater. He looked very confused at this and told me to go and look else where. 

Next I was sat in the drivers seat of a red Farrei and was cruising along the sea front in the Lincolnshire town of Skegness. I stopped the car and approached a front door next to some shops. I had a key and let myself in. 

Upstairs was a flat where I found my older sister hoovering and cleaning. She said hi and carried on cleaning. 

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