Thursday, 14 May 2015

Where's Nora?

I was sat in the drivers seat of a car, it was dark and I was in a street. Various people approached my window and just as I thought they were going to talk to me, they popped their head into the back of the car and then looked at me disappointed. 

Everyone did the same and each one asked the same question, "Where's Nora?"  Nora our adorable 6 month old Bassett and everyone seems to love her. Clearly, as they didn't want to talk to me after they discovered she wasn't in the car. 

I was then taking a young lad into a secure unit, the perimeter had very high fencing with barbed wire on top of it and everywhere had guards posted at the doors. The lad asked me, "What is this place?"  I replied, "Somewhere no one ever leaves". He started to cry. 

Once inside I found that it was a massive factory and production lines were in full swing, I couldn't make out what was being made, but warehouses were piled with boxes. An elderly woman approached me and told me to get to work. 
I then set about writing prices in felt pen onto DVDs. 

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