Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The hairy springer

I was in a room, it was somewhere I didn't know and I was totally naked and laying on my back looking up at the ceiling. After a while I got up but my view remained from where I was laying and I watched myself stand up. 

I was firstly squatting and so my butt was very close to my face, not an angle I've ever seen of myself before. As I stood up Further I noticed that my butt and back were totally covered in hair, so think was the hair, that it resembled a gorillas. The rest of my body was completly hairless and smooth. 

As I lay looking at the uncomfortable sight before me, I just wanted to put a shirt on to cover the hair before anyone saw me. As I panicked that I might get spotted, a giant spring shot out of my feet and catapulted me through the ceiling. 

I was still looking up from my vertical position and see my naked self flying high up to not the night sky and out of sight. 

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