Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sleepy Flipchart

I was at work in the city centre station and I was on the top floor. The reason being, I was sleeping and knew it wasn't used and so I wouldn't be discovered napping on the job. 

That was the plan which immediately went wrong when one of the top bosses, Nick entered the room I was in. He was showing some civilian visitors around the building and walked in on my slumber. 

Instead of berating me for catching me asleep, Nick asked if my leg was better now. Confused I said it was fine, happy witht his, Nick left the room. 

Left standing in he room was a large black African woman dressed in a long flowing flowerery dress and matching head scarf. She was just starring at me. 

I picked up a painting easel and pretended to work. Instead of a canvass I started turning pages over it and used it as a Flipchart. 
The woman said to me, "You have parked your car three times in the wrong space. If you do it again you will be reported."

I had no idea who this woman was and what she had to do with where I parked my car, however I have parked where I shouldn't have at work this week! 

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