Friday, 22 May 2015

Response one

I was walking down the side of a house to get access into the rear garden. I don't think it was my house but I was sure that I needed to get in the back garden. 

As I got half way along the side passage I saw that my route was blocked by a line of riot police in full kit. As I got nearer, they bunched up forming a human wall. 

I walked into the first police officer and couldn't push my way through. He lifted his visa and said, 'Response one reporting, no way through sir'. 

I saw that it was Rich from work and I laughed at him and said that I'm getting past. I tried to walk on butt he other officers bunched up more and stopped me, there was no way I was getting by. Rich just looked at me and said, 'Sorry dude, no can do'. The policemen laughed. 

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