Monday, 25 May 2015

Pipers & frozen jelly.

Firstly I started off by being in the Pipers public house in Dagenham, Essex, the pub has long since been demolished and was replaced by housing. I would pop in on my way home from the underground station to get to my mums house. 

In the pub was my step Son, Michael, he was sat on a bar stool, head in hands drunk and asleep. I took him home to my mums and ushered him into my old bedroom. I checked on him the next morning and found him fully dressed on his knees with his face on the bed asleep. I laughted at him. 

Next I was in the small local shop close to my house and the owner and his son where there. I was looking for something to eat and my wife was waiting outside in a white Ford Çonnect van. The boy told his dad that he needed to poop and was told to go and use the white van outside. 

I ran out and got into the front passenger seat and shouted at my wife, 'Drive!' Just as the boy attempted to open the back door on the van, my wife booted the accelerator and we sped off. My wife asked me what I had bought from the shop, I held up a huge frozen block of jelly. She smiled. 

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