Monday, 18 May 2015

Keyboard fart

I was at work, the room was full of people but the two people I recognised were Matt and Spooner. Unusually for Spooner, he was silent and had his head into some paperwork. 

Matt called me over as he wanted to show me something important on the computer. I approached him and he then demonstrated that by pressing the shift key and the hashtag key simultaneously on the keyboard, the computer made the sound of a fart. Brilliant. 

Next I was in a room that looked like a call centre, the desks were all pushed up against each other but had those partitions that you could still see over. 

I could hear a females voice from the other side of the partition in front of me. She was swearing down the phone, clearly someone was annoying her and she wasn't holding back. 

I popped my head around to see work colleague Dinky, her face was red with rage and she slammed the phone down in anger. I asked she was ok, she calmly replied, "I am now thanks". 


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