Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hospital dash

I was walking around the grounds of a hospital, looking into the windows. It was night time and the entire place was in darkness, I'm assuming it wasn't an emergency ward. 
I then punched a window, shattering it, I continued to punch and kick at it until there was sufficient room for me to enter. 

I then began running through the wards knocking wall units and trolleys over as I went. I then heard an audible alarm and knew it was time to leave. I ran to a glass fire door to see a torch shining in at me, it was Pipi from work. 

"Maximus, what you doing in there?" He shouted at me, I had to think fast on my feet. I repiled, "I heard the alarm going off and so ran in to catch the burglars, I think they've gone". He seemed to buy my story. 

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