Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Harrods & horse poop

Along with my wife we were in Harrods in London, it was Christmas and my wife was buying Thortons chocolate Easter bunnies. As she looked along the shelves, a man in a suit appeared and told me there was more stock below. 

The man then pulled up a secret door hidden in the floor and ushered down some very narrow stairs. As I decended, I felt very closed in and was surprised to find my wife already in the room. She was still looking at chocolate Easter bunnies. 

I entered a narrow doorway and found myself in a huge underground Screwfix warehouse. It was vast but the floor space was about three feet deep in water. I then noticed that one of the men working there was Andy from work, we was showing my wife something on a TV screen. 

As I approached I saw that I was holding my PS3 controller, I waded through the water and reached where they were looking at the TV. On the screen was a ps4 game and they both had controllers. I wanted to join in but I had the wrong controller and so I just threw it into the water. 

Lastly I was at my nan's old house where I was born, I was in the garden, which was very long. In the middle of the lawn was a massive pile of horse pooh and I started running around the edges of it. I was talking to someone but couldn't see them, so I may have been just chatting to myself. 

Either way I didn't notice that I had run into the horse pooh and was spreading it all over the garden. I was totally covered in poop and absolutely stank. When I stopped I saw that every inch of the lawn was covered in horse pooh. 

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