Saturday, 9 May 2015

Face bomb

As I lay in bed drifting off I got into that semi conscious state where I think I'm still actually awake. 

This was abruptly and violently ended when my entire face exploded. This caused me to shout out in utter shock as the flesh and blood flew across the bedroom. 

After my breathing calmed and I realised I still had my face, I drifted back to sleep. As I did I found myself driving my old car across the single track bridge in my village. 

Upon approaching the bridge I saw a large puddle, I carefully manovuored through it so as not to splash a woman standing by the approach to the bridge. 

 I wasn't going fast enough to splash her but water shot up in the air and covered the woman. I stopped and opened my door and apologied but she was running at me very irate. 

I tried to drive off but stalled the car and then went into panic mode trying to get it started again. I woke at this point. 

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