Thursday, 28 May 2015

Crocodiles & milkmen

Not unusually in my sleep, I had travelled back to the 1970's, a World with no wi fi or smart phones. I was working with another male who I didn't know. I was in the street and we were aware that our new boss was arriving shortly and so we were attempting to prepare. 

Only thing was, I had no idea what my job was. Alł around me were toy cars that you could sit in and peddle. They were in the shape of crocodiles and seemed to be gliding slightly in the air. There was also a house that contained milk. 

The house stored milk and this was pumped into the property through the letterbox. Looking into the windows, it was a massive tank full of milk. The front door opened and a milkman walked out, no milk poured out of the house. The milkman looked exactly like Benny Hill when he was Ernie, the fastest milkman in the West. Although he resembled Benny in the face, it wasn't him. 

I was then inside another house and it was a total mess, the kitchen was piled with dirty pots and pans. I set about cleaning the house and dreamt the rest of my dream doing this. 

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