Sunday, 3 May 2015

Blind Harry Potter & the dog prison.

Starting off I was in a Tesco supermarket along with my wife. I was pushing the trolley and following my wife down the isles. I then realised that I was totally blind, my wife didn't seemed overly concerned. 

We went to the car park and we got into my old car which I immediately reversed into another car. I mentioned that it might be better if my wife drove but she told me to get on with it. 

As I set off again, I was watching myself from the rear seat of the car. I was still blind and just aimed the car. It then lifted off the ground and started flying. 

We were then on a roller coaster that was a Harry Potter thymed ride. It flew into tunnels and up mountain sides with characters from the films rushing by. 

Next I then saw my wife locking our dogs into prison cells. I clearly had my vision back. Both dogs were very unhappy at being placed in a cell. My wife said to them that they had a life sentence. 

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