Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ballroom & zips

I dreampt that I had returned to a former job working as a delivery driver for a small chain of seaside shops. I walked into the main store and was was surprised that the owner, who had previously been a very large man, was now slim and also appeared to have become younger. 

He used to be quite a grumpy man, but I found the new improved owner to be jolly and laughing.  The shop had changed somewhat too, it was completely empty except for a centre island which the owner and a young woman stood behind. 

Suddenly the centre island drifted across the floor and music started and coloured lights began flashing. The young woman and the owner started ballroom dancing around the store. I decided it was time to leave. 

When I stepped outside, my delivery van had a massive zip on the side of it. I pulled at it and I glided the zipper open along the length of the van, the entire contents of tin cans fell into the street. 
I turned and walked away and headed back to the store but found that it had vanished. 

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