Friday, 10 April 2015

Sticky tongue

I was dreaming that I was asleep and once again could see myself, my wife shook me to wake me up and I tried to talk to her but I was only able to make inaudible grunting sounds. The reason for this was my tongue had been stuck down with cello tape to the inside of my mouth. 

I tried again to speak but sounded as if I had a serious speech impediment. I reached into my mouth and peeled the cello tape off which was very painful and I screamed out at the discomfort it caused me. 

Next I was walking along a street at night and saw a shed at the edge of a front garden to a house. I pulled a screwdriver from my pocket and and removed the screws from the hinges. With the door removed I placed it under my arm and continued along the street. 

I was attempting to look inconspicuous as I walked along, as inconspicuous as you can carrying a shed door. Amazingly, no one took any notice of me and I managed to make good my escape with my stolen door. 

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