Saturday, 11 April 2015

Rock climbing & burgers

I was going to watch a cricket match, I know I was dreaming because I hate cricket. I needed a good vantage point in which to view the game, or is it called a match?  Who cares really. I found a huge rock on the edge of the cricket pitch and climbed it. 

On the top of the rock, I had an impressive view of the field and started to tweet pictures to George from work to try and make him jealous. It didn't work because I couldn't get a mobile signal on my phone. 

As I stood a top of my vantage point, my wife arrived in a burger van and parked it at the foot of the rock. She opened up the side shutter and waited for customers. None came and after a long period of waiting for the cricket match to start, I realised that nothing was happening. 

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