Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Prison and fags

Along with my wife we had visited a young lad in a youth offending prison, not sure why he was there but as we left we ushered him in between us so that the staff didn't notice. We managed to get all the way outside of the prison without being detected. 

We got home and put on the TV to see the news showing CCTV images of me walking away from the prison. The news item mentioned the police wishing to locate the male shown on the CCTV to help them with their enquires into an escaped inmate. 

Next I was in bed and not sure if I was awake or not, it was that time when you want to look at the clock but think it's too early to be awake. I was pondering this when I saw my friends, Darren & Lou standing at the end of the bed. 

Darren was holding hundreds of cigarettes from the duty free and was asking if I wanted to buy any. I looked at Lou and she also had handfuls of cigarettes. She said, "Do you want to buy any my lovely?"  

Then a small boy entered the room, he was about 2 or 3 and spoke with as if he was an adult. My Aunt Joan then walked in and said that the boy was her nephew, which is odd because I am. Darren and Lou were still standing there holding out packets of cigarettes in the hope I'd buy some.  


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