Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hogmanay without a view

My wife and myself were in the grounds of a Scottish castle for the Hogmanay celebrations, which if you are unaware of this, is the New Year festivities in Scotland. Our host was an elderly gentleman dressed in a tweed suit. 

We were in a booth type area with a table set for dinner and other people were both sides of us in their own booths. The host proudly announced that directly above our table on the floor above was a great vantage point to see the castle and fireworks at midnight. 

The host then shouted out that it was midnight and wished everyone a happy new year. The clock said it was 23.50! We all started to move off up some stirs to get our vantage point and we followed behind two women, I noticed that they were topless. 

When we got to the room above, our so called view of the castle wasn't there, the room had no windows! The host once again shouted out happy new year. It was still only 23.55! 


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