Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Goldie the master criminal

I had entered a large hall that was full of people, sat in the middle of the room was Goldie who was dressed in a rabbit onesie, complete with ears and a bunny tail. Goldie was smiling and looking rather smug. 

Someone next to me informed me that a large mansion had been burgled nearby and the they had got away with millions. Someone sounded out, "We know you did it Goldie!"  With that several people jumped on him and started pinning him to the floor. 

Whilst this was going on, Goldie laughed out loud, I pulled out a child's plastic pistol and walked over and placed it against his head. All the time Goldie kept laughing, I pulled the trigger and it made a pathetic click sound and nothing else happened. 

Someone unzipped the back of the rabbit onesie and pulled out various speakers, phones and I pods  Goldie was bang to rights but still he kept on laughing. 
He was taken away and I walked out into the car park. 

As I went to leave, a fat boy about 10 years old was sneaking out of the property, under his arm was a huge bag containing millions in cash. It twigged with me that this was why Goldie was laughing, his rabbit onesie was clearly a diversion so his sidekick could escape with the cash.  

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