Sunday, 29 March 2015

Underwater challenge

Despite various suggestions as to what I may be dreaming last night, following a lively dinner party, my dream centred around a huge glass tank the size of a swimming pool. 
The tank was full of water and had a long table running its entire length. On top of the table was a metal cable about a foot in diameter, there were various obstacles the cable ran over, such as live electrical plugs and switches. 

I was wearing full diving gear, including oxygen, wet suit and flippers. I was holding a pair of metal tin snips that are generally for cutting sheet metal. My challenge from a large audience was to swim under water the whole length of the tank, cut the cable in a straight line and avoid being electrocuted. 

For what seemed like my entire nights sleep, I was slowly working my way along the tank carefully cutting the cable open. I could hear the sound of my breathing through the diving equipment and the bubbles rising to the surface. 

I completed the task just as I woke up and popped my head above water to the sound of applause. 

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