Sunday, 8 March 2015

Time travel taxi

I was with a man that I didn't know and he told me that if I'd like to travel through time, then he would show me how. 

Not wishing to miss such an opportunity I eagerly agreed to take part. I was instructed that we had to place the faces of our watches flat together, but needed to still be wearing them. 

We angled our wrists so that our watch faces touched, as soon as they did I was transported away from where I was. It had become dark and I was in a taxi. 

The taxi driver pulled up and shouted at me. I got out and approached his window, he told me I owed him £90. I started arguing that he hadn't dropped me where I wanted to be and that I was supposed to have travelled in time. 

Clearly I hadn't travelled in time and there was no was way I was paying £90 for a short taxi ride. I basically walked away from the driver and kept on going. 

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