Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Rip off plumber

I was in a very messy house, it wasn't a house I knew. There was a plumber in the bathroom fitting a new sink and a female I didn't know in the bedroom. 
The plumber said that it was an easy job and would take him long. 

Whilst he was working, the female started to tidy up a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor. She found an I phone under the clothes and a cheque made out for £100 to her. The cheque was written by my wife and the female said it was for cleaning the house. 

The plumber then said he hadn't been paid by my wife and I replied, "She's stitched me up there, how much was she paying you?" The plumber clearly saw an opportunity to rip me off and said, "£1,000" 
I was very sceptical of this and started to write him a cheque. 

The plumber, ever switched on to not missing out on money, shouted, "Ah cash only man". 

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