Monday, 30 March 2015

Richard Attenborough & the time travelling pensioner

Initially I was in a room with husband and wife team, Gareth and Leeza. Gareth was looking over my shoulder as I worked at a computer, he was offering friendly advice but Leeza was shaking her head at him. His words of wisdom were fine and I had no issue with his help but Leeza wasn't happy for some reason. 

As Gareth spoke, his voice tone changed and he sounded like someone else. I recognised the voice but couldn't put my finger on where I'd heard it. I turned around to see that Gareth had changed into actor Richard Attenborough. Then I noticed that Leeza had turned into a woman dressed in 1930's style clothing. 

The changed Leeza then started to show me around the office and tell me where everything was, Richard followed and asked the woman formerly known as Leeza why she was helping me. She replied that she was a free spirit and did as she pleased. 

I then watched out of a window as Leeza followed by Richard, walked off up the street. I noticed the cars and shops all dated from the 1930's too. As I watched the woman, she changed into a 90 year old and was dressed in an all in one red leather suit. The street and cars also changed into modern day. 

Richard Attenborough had vanished and as the woman walked along the street, she raised her arm and with her middle finger up, flicked the bird.  

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