Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Prison break

Two foreign men were being held in a prison, it was a round tower and they were locked in the top of it. A seiren sounded and as they looked out of the window they could see water rushing in around the bottom of the tower. The seiren was a flood warning and everyone below was drowning. 

Suddenly the door unlocked and the jailer was panicking to get up the stairs with water following him up. The two men grabbed the keys from him, shut him out and locked the door from the inside sending him to a watery grave. 
They then jumped out of the window and ran across roof tops and were free men.  

I was then driving my car, I saw a police car ahead of me with its lights and seiren on, I slowed to let it pass and didn't watch where I was going. 
I scrapped a parked car and stopped to get out and check the damage. When I examined my car, it was red, my car is grey. 

The wheel arch was touching the wheel, I bent it out so I could continue to drive. I looked back at the car I had hit and no one had come to it. I decided to drive away without leaving a note. I didn't feel bad about it. 

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