Saturday, 28 March 2015

Nose poke

Along with my wife, we had both been moved by our employer to work at a different office in the city centre. We both sat at a desk and I was moaning that I didn't want to work there. My wife as ever tried to get me to see the positive side of it. 

I then noticed there were no telephones, printers or computers. I started shouting that I couldn't work under these conditions, my wife instead of trying to calm me, agreed and we both walked out in protest. 

I was next at work again and had been sent out to try and locate a man that we needed to talk to. I was given an address of 39b but couldn't recall the street name. I arrived at the address and I phoned the office and said, "Where abouts does this idiot live?" They replied it was in the basement. 

I decended the stairs to a house and was met by lots of people all walking past me in the corridor. I was trying to get through them and they kept poking me in the nose. I tried to brush them off but they kept poking my nose. 

I opened my eyes to see my wife's smiling face as she was poking my nose. She's a bugger. 

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