Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Killer cat & stepdad

I firstly got a very rude and painful awaking last light when my wife accedently elbowed me in the eye. Aside from that I was drifting off again when I saw some very cute but tiny puppies running around and my Jack Russell playing with them. 

He gently picked one up in his mouth and started to carry it off. Suddenly my dog turned into my ginger cat who still with the puppy in his mouth, bit down on it making a hideous crunching sound. I screamed out in an attempt to stop him but bolted out of my dream with my wife wondering what was going on. 

Lastly I was at my mums house and she appeared to have re married, much to my disgust, it was to works supervisor, Rory. Rory was sat in the living room talking crap and acting as if he was king of the castle. I told him that I was going to knock him out. 

He then became very cocky, saying that if I thought I was hard enough to bring it on. I could feel my anger quickly rising up within me and I knew it wasn't going to end well for Rory. I started to walk towards him, fully intent on smashing his face in. Sadly the dream changed direction and I was with in a room with a former neighbour of mine. 

My old neighbour, Sue, was saying that she had been away in a mental institution but it was a mistake and she wasn't mad. I was just gutted that Rory had vanished. 

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