Thursday, 12 March 2015

Julius Caesar and the cow

As I fell to sleep last night I saw a large brown cow, sat proudly and majestically upon the cow was former Roman Dictator Julius Caesar. He wasn't holding on at all as he was holding what looked like a scroll in one hand and appeared to be holding his cape in the other. 

Suddenly the cow turned quickly, throwing the Roman statesman onto the floor. I started laughing at him as I found this very amusing. In turn my laughing in my sleep, woke my wife up. I did explain what I was laughing at, which on reflection does sound bizzare. 

Lastly I was watching 1970's actor Geoffrey Davies, who starred in TVs Doctor in the house. 
He was cooking a massive Paella. The pot was at least 10 feet in diameter and he was on a step ladder stiring it with a giant wooden spoon. 

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